The defiance has been finding a company with the enthusiasm, attention to detail, willingness to go that extra mile for their client, Effort to bring factual return on investment and delivering a service which drips confidence in the client..... Well... I trust to the search is now over. The result is JMD.
Martin Kirk

The Ace Web Solution! Support, development and design services Ace Web Solution have given us have been perfect. The staffs are very friendly to bargain with, prompt to respond to queries and have wonderful skills.
Luke Dejahang

ACE Soft Tech approached a number of companies and after the initial brief meetings chose Ace Web Solution to create and develop our web site, as we are a new company with little or no experience in web site marketing and design, it was crucial to us that we got it right first time and worked with people that Understanding our needs and what we wanted to obtain, Addy and his team have achieved just that.
Addy Singh

The next part of the plan is to strengthen the Search Engine Optimization profile of the site, and Ace Web Solution are helping us to understand how this can be achieved and their input is proved invaluable. An informed, resilient and all-round grateful team to work with.
Les Hill

JMD Technologies have proven to be professional, operant and importantly fun to work with.
The support provided by Dev, sk and the team is excellent and we look forward to continuing the Travel... we commend you do too!
Alan Paterson

sk and his team at Ace Web Solution have done exactly what they said they would do - they do exactly what it says on the tin or in this matter the website.
Graham McLellan
The service to date has been excellent; lots of Active suggestions and they have ensured that our queries or questions are handled punctually, with many resolved within a few minutes of ennoblement them. They are a crucial improvement from our previous provider and I would recommend them to anyone, except our opponents that is - we want to keep any opponent advantage we have to ourselves!
Allan Chester

JMD Technologies has been a great partner to work with over the last pair of years, supporting us with web design services for a number of our websites. They have fulfilled our necessity with a high degree of professionalism in their understanding of the latest technologies, and providing a quick and spingeous service at the right cost
Campbell Urquhart

JMD Technologies is a case of third time fortunate for us. Our first two so-called web site colleagues were whatsoever you're not. They didn't listen, preferring to heed on their own metrics rather than ours. They didn't defiance our thought processes to help us improve. And most importantly, they didn't absolution results. In getting these three things spot on first time, Ace Web Solution has restored our faith in the Web service industry and earned our trust in a appreciable short time. I'll be disappointed if you don't offer our name as a reference to anyone trying to sort out the good from the bad in the jmd out there.

Can I just say how charity I am with the way things are going with the REALITY tool, your team are ace and I have been really impressed with the way they have dealt with our commendation and questions. I would have no compunction in recommending you to my partners.
Alan Hunt

Fantastic, bloody fantastic!
It is a gaiety working with you and long may it continue.
Teresa Ish

The Ace Web Solution I received has been considerable helpful. I would commend their services to anyone who wants a good basic training on search engine optimization. By learning what was most important for me in market to what I was trying to overall, I think I will have my site with its full Material up and running within a few weeks. I give them a thumbs atop.

We looked long and hard to find a company to work with to develop our  website. We were delighted when we found JMD Technologies, as they clearly had the experience to support us in the project.
Their approach to documentation and exercitation, to help us get the website, was extraordinary,
And we would happily recommend them.
Diane Jackson

Many thanks to Ace Web Solution. Our site was originally designed in Mambo by designers who weren't very familiar with the program. Ace Web Solution fixed our split site, made the supreme use of the software's features and taught us how to use them. We now have a site that is simple for us to navigate and update and kept the look of our original website. They also hard working to get all of the bugs fixed while talking with someone...okay, me...who would refer to unique parts of the site as We will be keeping in touch with their justification package for when we get hitch again.
J Colin Moss